Laurie Endicott ThomasLaurie Endicott Thomas has worked as an editor in various aspects of medical and academic publishing for more than 25 years.

She is the author of four books:

bookcoverThin Diabetes, Fat Diabetes explains that the most serious type of diabetes is preventable, and the most common form is curable. If you have type 1 diabetes (the French call it thin diabetes), you pancreas cannot make enough insulin to keep you alive. You need to take insulin shots for the rest of your life. In contrast, type 2 diabetes (the French call it fat diabetes) is not due to insulin shortage. If you have type 2 diabetes, it means that you are a naturally thin person. Your body is resisting the effects of insulin to keep you from storing the fat that you are eating. The surprising solution to this problem is to eat more carbohydrate. The more carbs you eat, the more sensitive you become to insulin. High-​carb diets are the time-​tested way to save the lives of people with any type of diabetes.

not-trivial-front-coverNot Trivial: How Studying the Traditional Liberal Arts Can Set You Free explains that you can be educated for either freedom or slavery. The curriculum that was developed to help people prepare for life within a democracy was called the liberal arts. (Liberal means pertaining to free people as opposed to slaves.) In Not Trivial, Laurie Endicott Thomas explains why the classical liberal arts have been suppressed in the public schools of the Land of the Free. She explains how you can get a good education for yourself and your children, and how to improve your local public schools.

narcissim-coverIn Don’t Feed the Narcissists: The Mythology and Science of Mental Health, Thomas takes on the hot topic of self-​esteem. For decades, many psychologists have been telling us to boost children’s self-​esteem at all costs. In contrast, all of the world’s great religious and philosophical traditions have warned us of the dangers of foolish pride. Thomas argues that there is a golden mean between these two extremes: your self-​esteem should be accurate. In this book Thomas explains how to strive for greatness, and how to deal with the bullies who are legends in their own minds.

no-more-measles-coverNo More Measles! will change the way people talk about vaccines. Rather than explaining over and over that the measles-​mumps-​rubella vaccines does not cause autism, we should be talking about how to drive measles, mumps, and rubella into extinction. Many vaccine-​preventable diseases occur only in human beings. Once we have driven such a disease into extinction, there is no more need to vaccinate anyone against it. So once measles, mumps, and rubella are gone, there will be no more need for the MMR vaccine!